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The 10th inning

Oh man, this week has been killer. Just real straight up gut busting hard.  If I didn’t know before, I now fully understand the meaning of manual labor.  I somehow agreed to teach 11 Zumba classes this week!  And Monday was a holiday, so we are talking about 11 full throttle high energy (the only way I know how to do it) Zumba classes in 5 days, including Saturday.  Who does that?!  …Ok, I guess people do it.  But rookie me – who just got licensed to teach in March, only 4 months ago – I have never done it before.

It sounded like such a good idea. I started out Tuesday morning, bright eyed and bushy tailed in Flushing and made my way to Whitestone by the end of the day where I taught a class with the most beautiful view, facing the Whitestone bridge as the sun was slowly setting over the water, it was breathtaking.  I felt so great and on top of things by the end of Tuesday that I treated myself to a sugar free Italian icy at the Lemon Ice King of Corona.  Wednesday morning I woke up knowing I was going to teach 3 classes, but by afternoon had a 4th one added, two back to back in Forest Hills in the morning and then another two back to back in Astoria in the evening.  But still, I was slinging it, hitting it hard!  Thursday morning found me a little exhausted but still positive, 3 classes to bring that live energy to, first in Bayside, then a free class in Forest Park (that was almost rained out but alas, the show went on!), then off to Myrtle Avenue in Brooklyn.  By the time I was headed to Brooklyn I found myself saying a quiet prayer calling on the universe for strength and stamina.  And it worked!  We rocked through that last class.  Friday morning, a break, thank goodness!  Friday evening in Jamaica, we busted out Zumba despite the rain…

But the real breakthrough came this morning in Astoria… Class number 10… At this point, my body, mind and soul all belong entirely to the Zumba gods for they are the ones getting me through.  There must have been at least 80 women in the room, all ready to get their Zumba on.  The music hits…and like Bob Marley says…I feel no pain.  And then IT happens!  There is a moment, during La Morena, when, in full on merengue swing, an energy just overtakes the room.  Everybody is in complete sync, the whole class of 80+ women are riding the same wave. I know it’s real cause I instantly get goosebumps all over and a chill – more like a thrill – runs through me.  This is it!  This is IT!!!  This is the feeling I’ve been looking for, this is why I do this!  It totally re-energized me and, I could see on the faces in the room, others were re-energized as well.

So here I go, off to class number 11!!!    \O/

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Fighting my way back to fabulous…and beyond

I would like to introduce a term I call “crispy”.  This is what I term the experience of getting older and neglecting the body or really just letting life come in and make us forget the magical connection we have to our bodies and thereby losing limberness and flexibility.  It’s the experience of hearing things go snap-crackle-pop when we reach over to touch our toes or, for those of us who do, raise our leg to put it up on the ballet barre.  These are just a couple of the ways I recognized I was becoming “crispy”.  And folks let me tell you, if at any point in your life you were used to going down into full splits or kicking your leg high in the air or even bending all the way over and easily touching your toes , it is a very jarring experience to wake up and realize you can’t do these things with the same ease or at all.

But the good news is now you are awake.  And you have decided whatever it was in your life that made you neglect your star player – that brilliant person staring back at you in the mirror – you are not going to let it come between you and your fabulousness ever again.  I am here to tell you that “crispiness” can be reversed and you can fight your way back to fabulous.  I am in the process of doing this, working on it little by little everyday, and I am absolutely flabbergasted and amazed at how the body can be retrained to stretch and bend even after years of neglect.  It is truly an awe-inspiring thing to witness and experience.

As much as it feels like it, we did not get this way overnight.  This is good news because it means that the way we slowly ate, drank, stressed, cried, screamed, bored ourselves into rigidness, we can actually gradually breathe, love, yoga, zumba, pilates (you get the idea…) our way out.  With each day that I feel myself getting stronger, my stamina increasing, my balance improving, my knees whining less, my cellulite disappearing (keeping it all the way real y’all), I realize not only will I become fabulous again, but I just might get into the best shape of my life.

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