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dancing Dancing DANCING!!! 10 Glorious Days of Dance @ the NYC Dance Week Festival

Dance finds you where you are.  And here I am, again, ready to dance.  NYC Dance Week 2013 backdropThis week I will be embarking on something special.  Tomorrow is the first of 10 glorious days of absolutely free dance classes in New York as part of NYC Dance Week 2013.  Anyone who’s ever tried taking dance classes in New York City knows that the average dance class, around $17 per class, is cost prohibitive for many, especially dancers trying to keep their craft up and body moving while keeping a roof over their head.    Founded by Tasha Norman of FitEngine, NYC Dance Week takes down this seemingly insurmountable barrier for 10 wonderful days in which some of the City’s top dance studios open their doors for free. There will be classes at the Joffrey, Alvin Ailey, Mark Morris, DNA, STREB, and more… It is a veritable smorgasbord for those who love movement.  And since, that is my favorite form of self-expression, I will be at the table for the feast.

ZumbaSOBs_055 And don’t you worry, I will be be bringing you along with me.  Stay tuned for daily descriptions, photos and possibly even video of my experience in some of NYC’s most hallowed halls of dance!  Below is a list of what’s on my agenda for the 10 days so far.  Of course, this list is subject to change and can also expand if I receive good suggestions.  And who knows, maybe I’ll see you there!  If you see me, definitely say hi. I will also be blogging this experience at The Dance Enthusiast so be sure to go there and check it out as well.  PS – I went to the opening gala for this event.  It was a rockin’ time, check out the pics here.

6/20: Core Synergy Conditioning @ Joffrey

6/21: Capoeira for Beginners @Arte Capoeira

6/22: Contemporary – Simonson Technique + Samba & Brazilian Fusion @ Mark Morris

6/24: Modern Dance with Danté Brown @ DNA

6/25: Beginner Ballet @ Joffrey

6/26: Bollywood Funk @ Ripley Grier

6/28: Community Class @ Hip Hop Conservatory

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Authenticity and the face of God

My life was going along fairly normally – or at least my new normal – and then I went to my first real professional level rehearsal at Ailey. It is only a workshop, i.e. no pressure, but it will culminate in a performance at City Center.  The first rehearsal tonight put everything – as in everything in my current life – in sharp perspective for me.

First of all I am angry with myself and sad bc I am deciding now that I want to dance when so much time has been lost in really seriously perfecting my craft. I have put myself in a position to have to play catch up and it’s hard and lonely and pretty humiliating at times, like tonight.

That said I am in awe of my own audacity and nerve. I’m absolutely certain I’ve lost my mind. I am also equally certain that I am growing more in this period as a human being and as an energy bound spirit than at many other phases in my life. And as such I have no patience for conventional thinking and people who feel the need to live by it.

The truth is I’ve really set out an incredible challenge for myself, of who’s exact shape and size I’m not even fully aware. I only know that it is rather all consuming. I am dedicated to something without knowing what the outcome is supposed to be, but who’s force is attracting me like a powerful magnet. It is both absolutely terrifying and terrifically liberating.

So what is this all about? Am I trying to prove to myself that I’ve still got it? Or am I trying to use the one gift that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I have. Many questions, not so many answers…

In a recent discussion with an acquaintance, the question came up of whether I am a good dancer. I could not say yay or nay as it’s really in the eye of the beholder. But what I did and can say is that of all the things I do, dancing is the one thing that brings me closest to seeing the face of God.

Good and bad are irrelevant. The only thing that matters is authenticity. Authenticity is the place where our inner guide speaks to us and the divine becomes material.


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