Day 9 — NYC Dance Week Festival 2013

04 Jul

6.15 pm – Zumba, taught by ElanaZumba @ Ballet Academy East

Once in a while, actually pretty often in my life if I’m being honest, serendipitous moments come along that could not have been scripted better if I tried.  Day 9 was one of those moments. My friend Uraline — who has been my road buddy on this Dance Week journey, and I decided to take a Zumba class at Ballet Academy East. Due to some confusion, the instructor did not actually make it to the class.

Without even looking, I could see and feel the disappointment on the faces of the people gathered. My kneejerk response was to stand up and blurt out ‘I’m a Zumba Instructor, I can teach class.’ My friend Uraline teases me that I sounded like a paramedic or a doctor in a restaurant or on a bus who kicks into action when someone falls ill: ‘I’m a doctor, I can help.’ The energy instantly shifted in the room and in a few moments we were dancing and grooving.

Up until that moment, I was just an excited and eager NYC Dance Week festival participant. Words can not really describe how amazing it felt to now become a part of the instructional team, on the giving side instead of just the receiving side. Another lesson in what can happen when we answer the call, align ourselves with our purpose, and just say yes. A further reward for me is the way people’s eyes light up when they connect their bodies with the music and ride the wave…and then let it all go and just dance.

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