Day 8 — NYC Dance Week Festival 2013

02 Jul

6.30 pm – Core Synergy Conditioning, taught by Allison Cook Beatty @ Joffrey Ballet School

acb1In the spirit of transverse abdominal (core) strengthening, that we learned on Day 7 is so important to dance injury prevention, I decided today to take Allison Cook Beatty’s Core Synergy Conditioning class.  When I stepped into Studio 1 at the Joffrey School, I must admit it was not without some trepidation.  I had recently undergone laparascopic surgery, which made three tiny incisions through my abdominal muscles only two months before and I was unsure if my abs were up to the job of today’s class.  Granted, I had since participated in an intense four day Zumba conference in France, continued teaching my Fitness classes and danced in seven days of the NYC Dance Week Festival up to that point, so perhaps my concerns were unfounded  But nonetheless, I was anxious.

Enter stage right: Allison Cook Beatty.  Not to be fooled by her petite frame, Allison is a powerhouse.  Within acb2the first 5 minutes of class, I knew it was going to be just the challenge I needed. Not really knowing ahead of time what to expect, it was easy to imagine the routine crunches and leg raises that often comprise core toning classes.  But Allison takes it to a new level and offers a surprisingly creative core class with an aerobic and barre component as well.  Anyone who regularly takes this class, dancers and non-dancers alike, will find themselves ahead of the curve in terms of core strength and endurance.  It is a serious workout and, at the same time, anyone can do it.  It’s inspirational and aspirational watching Allison and seeing the level of strength I can hope to one day achieve if I keep at it.

Apart from her amazing core strength, Allison has also recently discovered her talent for choreography and is taking it to new heights with her company ACB Dance.  Here’s an excerpt from one of her premiere works…

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