Ladies and Gentlemen….The Hustle

09 May

This ‘living your dream’ thing….maannn! It is the best and simultaneously the hardest thing I’ve ever done!!  So here’s what I’m learning about living my passion.  It is non-stop. When you are aligned with your passion, it is an endless flow of good energy. And for us novices, who have not yet mastered the art of channeling this energy, we can easily become overwhelmed with a trillion amazing ideas. I thought I had become better at being selective, but even a few amazing ideas that you are channeling all your good flowing passion energy into can be overloading. 

It’s all a bit harder if you are going it alone or feel like you are. Everyone needs a solid team or as I like to call it #TeamMe.  In an effort to find my center and to remind myself of how supported I really am, I will outline here the elements of a good team that every dreamer shld have in place as they attempt the great juggling act of living their best life.

1. First and foremost, God, Source, Spirit, The Divine — whatever you call the life force that connects us all, is within us all and gives us breath. You should have a personal and direct relationship with this force and a means of daily communication. A daily spiritual practice will be helpful when you can’t tell your head from your tail.

2. A Life Coach, Motivator, Change Manager, Transformation Director. (Your team, you choose the titles)  This person is a great person to have in your corner to help you ask the important questions about who you are, what really makes you tick, what excites you. Questions to which you certainly already have the answers, but may need help uncovering. This person can help you pass the mic to your inner voice.

3. An Accountability Buddy. This is someone who is also awake to living in their passion. They ‘see’ you, in the Avatar sense, and believe in you. This person helps to keep you on track with your goals. You may, as in my case, want to have more than one accountability buddy, depending on the variety of projects you are cooking up.

4. A massage therapist. If this is not possible for you at this stage, someone who can provide regular hugs, aka shots of oxytocin, and the occasional foot rub, is a good alternative

5. A Fun Buddy — yes that word ends with an ‘n’ and not for naughty. While rather self-explanatory, it’s important to make sure this person is an energy enhancer not an energy drainer i.e. they are not a gossipmonger and don’t spend most of their time talking about all the things they hate (‘i hate traffic,’ ‘i hate when it rains,’ ‘i hate haters,’ etc).

In phase two you may want to consider bringing on a good accountant, a personal assistant — real or virtual, a person who is willing to deep clean your living space monthly for a reasonable fee, and a nutritionist or medical intuitive to make sure your body and brain are getting enough nutrients to support you on your fantastical journey.

If you have any other team members that you have found invaluable, please do share here.

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