Whosawhatsit: developing a spiritual practice

19 Jan

It’s around 4am and I’m wide awake…feeling rested, mind you, because I went to bed insanely early after a long and wonderfully full day yesterday.  Staring off into the blackness, I’m wondering what to do with myself.  The first thing I’m thinking is I should get up… The body knows what it needs and it says we are awake now so I shouldn’t flagrantly ignore this – as I often have in the past. 

Alright, so we’re up… Too early to play words with friends less my “friends” think I’m a nut – although there’s a high probability they do already.  Too early to start blasting music and rehearsing new Zumba choreography – a downside of having neighbors on all sides.  Too early to call my Mom – nobody thinks chit chat is fun at 4am, even Mom, although knowing her she’s probably awake too.


I keep hearing the words ‘start a spiritual practice’ floating through my mind. Although, I’m trying to block them out because playing words with friends right now sounds so much easier, even if it’s the mest up board and I have no vowels. ‘Meditate’ says the voice. ‘Do some yoga.’ ‘Say a prayer.’ So full of ideas now, hunh?  Well, I have been trying to pass the mic to my inner voice more often these days… Alright, it’s time. Let’s see if early morning before the sun comes out really is the so called ‘sweet spot’ for meditation. Ugh wait…meditate…how do I do that?

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