Little gifts

12 Apr

One Saturday morning, I was rushing out of my apartment, a bit wound up by the intense weekend of ballet and Zumba that was ahead of me, wondering how I was going to make it through. On the elevator with me was a father and his daughter, a girl of about six or seven years old. She pulled a small piece of what appeared to be crumpled red paper out of her pocket. Her dad, seeing the paper, assumed it was trash and took it from her lovingly, as one would take a snotty tissue from a child figuring they don’t need to be burdened with garbage.

The little girl looked up at her dad and, saying something in a language I didn’t understand, reached out her hand asking for the crumpled paper back. She pulled on one end of it and flapped the wings on the world’s tiniest and most carefully made origami crane. I could feel her dad smiling in his heart at the sight of this little piece of beauty in his daughter’s hand that he had initially mistaken as trash, which she then safely tucked back into her pocket.

That was a beautiful reminder for me at the beginning of what was going to be a very challenging weekend of dance and movement to be observant and mindful of the everyday little moments of joy that we often overlook in our hectic schedules and to seek the inner beauty in what may at first appear to be nothing but a bit of trash. There are lots of little gifts like this out there in our day to day just waiting for us to claim by simply noticing them…

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One response to “Little gifts

  1. Chef Lex

    April 13, 2011 at 10:16 am

    Nice! Did you get the little girl to pose with the origami crane as well while you took a pic? Now thats dedication!


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